Musical Fidelity represents the best of good quality hi-fi. Built on over thirty years of audio expertise, we design and engineer powerful hi-fi separates that deliver exceptional sound, high technical performance, excellent value for money and a superb build quality.

Now owned and operated by Audio Tuning, an independent audio specialist company based in Austria, Musical Fidelity still retains its proud British heritage, with every product we design continuing to boast the natural, authentic sound that has made our name so respected across the world. Our unique ranges embrace both traditional and modern requirements. So whether you need a high-quality phono stage to improve your vinyl listening experience, require bit-perfect playback of your beloved CDs, or have chosen to embrace the increasingly popular world of wireless music streaming, we have something to offer. And for every source, we’re still proud to boast a wide range of powerful, state-of-the-art amplifiers that sound at home anywhere.

Whatever type of music you enjoy and however you want to hear it, we have something for you at Musical Fidelity.

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Musical Fidelity North America

Musical Fidelity - North America

We're proud to have a dedicated North American office and staff to offer the best local support possible.

Find your local dealer in USA or Canada on our dedicated North American page.

North America

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