Musical Fidelity presents the new M3x Vinyl

Nov 18, 2020

The M3x Vinyl is our new fully discrete phono stage - Made in the EU!

Musical Fidelity is very proud to introduce their latest entry into our highly acclaimed phono stages.

During the design of our first fully discrete phono-stage - the superior M6x Vinyl - we realized that with some small changes we can streamline our design and offer a one input/one output version of the M6x Vinyl. Forgoing the M6x Vinyl's many input and output options including balanced XLR in/outs, the M3x Vinyl will bring all the advantages of the fully discrete circuitry and exact loading capabilities to anyone who only needs one RCA input for their turntable.

The M3x Vinyl also uses our completely new power supply design, which we have customed designed for the exact needs of a phono stage. Phono stages perform better the less electromagnetic radiation there is in the immediate surroundings of the phono stage circuitry. Huge transformers are required for big power amps, but not for the micro volt levels in a phono stage! The custom designed low core saturation toroidal transformer together with the huge distance from the PSU to the phono stage amplification circuitry, which we have achieved by ways of the big chassis design of the M3x Vinyl, allowed us to build a phono stage that is out of competition in this price range.

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